JBAI has a reputation for a smooth, efficient and orderly design and construction process.  This is achieved through an integrated design approach, whereby design input from all consultant team members is utilized earlier in the design process than the typical approach.  Our design approach can be tailored to your project goals, but is always founded in these design principles:

Collaborative | Team

Goals | Vision

Communication | Responsive

Holistic | Integrated

Iterative | Explorative

Practical | Functional



We strive for the most sustainable solutions to any project. We work with clients to maximize energy saving potentials through a holistic design approach and can assist in meeting certifications and standards such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Net Zero, or Passive House standards.



JBAI has established a strong reputation for both schedule and budget control through numerous projects completed on time and on budget through every possible delivery scenario.  An understanding and adherence to your budget is key to successful outcomes.  JBAI always ensures effective cost control mechanisms throughout the design process. This includes preparing and reviewing detailed cost estimates at certain project milestones with you.

Joel Bartlett - Approach