Passive House

As a Certified Passive House Designer, Joel Bartlett Architect Inc. specializes in a sustainable design approach on a variety of project types, utilizing Passive House design principles.

What is Passive House?

It is a high-performance building and energy-based standard that results in buildings that use up to 90% LESS heating/cooling energy, than conventional buildings designed minimum code requirements.  It is an internationally recognized proven design standard.


Not just for Houses!

The Passive House design standard can be applied to almost any building type, including multi-unit residential such as townhouses and apartment buildings, office buildings, schools, places of worship, and other institutional buildings.  Passive House design standards are not limited to new buildings.  They can be utilized in retrofits to existing buildings. 


What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits when built to the Passive House design standard.  Some of these include:


-reduced energy and operating costs than conventional buildings

-healthy environment and superior indoor air quality

-comfortable, durable, and low maintenance

-higher sale price due to lower operating costs and a higher quality, efficient building product


Passive House Methodology

With a focus on the building envelope, heating/cooling loads are minimized by utilizing ‘passive’ design approaches such as massing, continuous insulation, high-quality windows, passive solar energy, shading, and elimination of thermal bridges, and an airtight building envelope.

Ventilation is typically provided using a high-quality heat exchange to provide fresh air 24/7.


For more information on Passive House and how  Joel Bartlett Architect Inc. can assist in your Passive House project please contact us.